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New Year wishes

With the old year coming to a close, a new year close upon my heels, I thought now may be a good time to post about my wishes for the new year. Prepare yourself— they are extremely off-beat. 

1. More DIY

Not only do I like love shopping, but I love having the moolah to do so. By making my own jewelry, I may have more of this sacred moolah to purchase clothes to match the jewelry. And hell— I’m picky. I want my bakelite necklace to have lime green rings and yellow Swarovski crystals, not pink!

2. Contentment with the present… or gaining access there-to. 

I am one of those frustrating people who is always working toward the future and never living in the moment. I’m anxious, detail oriented, and always trying to one-up myself. In the next few months, I will be graduating from Wofford and heading off. Where? I don’t know. Hopefully back to Europe, but if not…

3. Doing what makes me feel all mushy.

Yes— I am good at research. Yes, I enjoy reading books about Nazi architecture and writing papers that are way too long to be expected from an undergraduate  my thesis. Yet I have a passion for fashion. I couldn’t visit the McQueen exhibition Savage Beauty in NYC, and opted instead to pop popcorn over a stove in my apartment in Berlin and watch the online exhibition in awe. I dream of moving to New York (who doesn’t?) and working with a team of bloggers to report on fabulous fashion. I believe that fashion isn’t clothing, yet it defines how your inner emotions, is an expression of who you are. I have passion— why am I wasting it?

4. Give myself a break.

Not just a Bravo! all-night marathon break… more like an internal peace. AKA— enjoy every run, focus on breathing during my hot yoga sessions, and drinking tea in the mornings at a table instead of running to class and, consequentially, spilling it all over myself. 

There you have it. A window into me. Oh… and this.

More catnaps.

xx, KT

in my natural habitat with @SundayFunday1

in my natural habitat with @SundayFunday1