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Karolina Kurkova, you are a bad-ass.

Karolina Kurkova, you are a bad-ass.

Pass Me the Bustier

For some reason, the song “Pass the Courvoisier” has been in my head all damn day. (If you have for some reason never heard this jewel of the rap canon, see it here.)

And so, in my head, I started singing “Pass me the Bustier.” And seriously, this is one of my biggest wishes for the new year. Romantic and often velvet-y, the bustier (or corset, if you prefer) has been a staple throughout fashion history. Pirates? Yep, bustiers. Victorian era? Yes. Cabaret? Of course there were a (couple) bustiers. Madonna added cones to hers. And now, fashion icons like Nicki Minaj can be seen sporting a sexy bustier.

Here is a beautiful inspiration board with a few fancy dresses, a few stars, and a few casual bustiers (if that is even possible!) to add into your every wardrobe.

xx, Katie

A Modern Work of Art

As an Art History lover and a fashion fiend, I felt that I needed to show you all the fluidity between the two mediums. With the inspiration of artists Keith Haring, Lee Krasner, and Joseph Beuys, I pulled different looks ranging from the Preen RTW Spring 2012 collection to Zara. Yes, I know what you are thinking— anyone could make those works of art— but they can’t. Art is conceptual, as fashion is too, and juxtaposing the two shows just that.

xx, Katie

Recently I’ve been hooked on this show Once Upon a Time. Yeah, judge me… but seriously, the costumes in the show are pretty fashion forward when compared with styles of the time. I call this board Hard n’ Soft, where I have transposed medieval style seen in the show with modern fringe bags, leather boots, and (of course) some McQueen hair. Enjoy!

1. Once Upon a Time, Gennifer Goodwin as Snow White

2. Karl Donoghue fur and leather vest, DrAmA!

3. AllSaints leather booties with studs

4. Rachel Zoe collection fringe hobo catch-all

5. DANNIJO Mazati bohemia necklace (also check out Mr. DANNIJO, the collab. with the ManRepeller eek!)

6. McQueen hair (from Spring 2011 Paris show)

Fashion shoot for my @CFashionista Style Guru bio… recognize that jewelry from the process photos below?